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Home remodeling, home renovation or home improvement describe the same process. We all want to improve or replace outdated, damaged or just old structures and areas in our houses. In many cases this is long and complicated process. It can be also very expensive in case of any mistakes. This is why it is very important to use reliable and experienced contractor like us, that will provide you with information regarding things that should be considered and taken into account before you start. We will be able to also give you many smart ideas about your project. Also present you with cost effective solutions that will make the process of your home renovation easy and stress free experience.

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The kitchen is by far the most important living space in any home. It has to be functional, practical and above all, it has to look good! In GTA, that’s when Atlantic Construction Group comes in. When it comes time to hire a contractor for your make-over, our expert kitchen designs will walk you through a step by step process that will truly bring your vision to life.

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Fixing up your kitchen is probably the most satisfying and rewarding of all home make-overs. As the central hub where you get together to share meals, entertain friends and carry out many of your daily tasks, your kitchen is probably the most-used (and therefore the most important living space in your home. This is why you need it to be highly functional, supremely comfortable and to look good. Take a look below at some of our recently designed Kitchen The Atlantic Group, which our team have undertaken. Browsing other people’s kitchen make-overs is a great way to pick up ideas and you may find some features here that you could incorporate into your own kitchen re-design.


New Washroom or Washroom Renovation
Our most recent bathroom renovations photo gallery is here. These bathrooms are all from GTA homes and the owner’s satisfaction has been guaranteed. They were recently transformed by our talented team. Our core talent is to come up with unique designs for Washrooms showers Glass Panels, Glass Doors awesome layouts regardless of New Washrooms or Washroom Renovations.
Your bathroom is one of the most-used and most functional spaces in your home.
It is probably the first room you head for when you get out of bed in the morning and likewise the last room you visit before turning in at night. It is also the wettest room in your home where both walls and floor are constantly getting coated with steam, splashes, sprays and damp – so you need to be sure that it is kept warm and can dry off quickly so that damp and mold don’t become problem issues. For all these reasons it is essential that your bathroom is designed first and foremost for practicality – with comfort and aesthetics following closely in second place. Talk to our experienced bathroom stylists Atlantic Construction Group, so that you can get the new bathroom you seek at a price that is right for your budget. And take a look at some of our most recent renovations in the photo gallery below to get some ideas of bathroom revamps that may also work for you.

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